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Joke ska band ASSCOBRA settled on renaming to MARK WAHL BERG, then HURTIN CRUE, then finally STOPPING POWER. Chaos ensued. Laffs followed shortly after.


released August 20, 2008

Lyrics by Ian Ortega.
Recorded 2008 by Christopher Hopkins at Earthbound Recording, Chula Vista, CA



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STOPPING POWER Chula Vista, California

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Track Name: Make Some Room
I'm just another face on the wall.
I don't mean anything to you.
A replaceable part of this machine, and when I die,
they won't stop for me.

They're just waiting for me to die
so they can bring the next person in line.
This world doesn't give a shit about you, so you might as well just die and make some room.

I'm just another speck on the map,
and when this town burns down,
the map will stay all the same,
because we don't mean anything without money or fame.
Track Name: Down Again?
When I try my hardest is when I fall my fastest,
because they don't want me to win.
Kicked when I'm down, done with a grin.
I climb and I climb, but they always shut me down.
Can never succeed, will never succeed.
Waiting for me to bleed.
I'm not saying I will defeat you,
all I'm saying is I won't let you win!

Ian: It seems that I'm down again.
Francis: It can't stay like this!
Track Name: Conspiracy Theory
What you believe is what you see. You tell me all these facts. One is doing against the other, that they will stab your backs. And I, admittedly, believed you and all your fucked up lies about my friends, my enemy; myself. Listening to you brought my demise.

Once I knew the truth of the operation,
once I knew the truth of the situation...

(Incoherent rambling)
Track Name: Pesticide (Demo Version)
You tell me to express myself. You tell me to let it out.
So when I do, you're never there.
When I do, you start to shout.
"Life is like a book," they say,
but to you, my life is one blank page.
So I'll just keep these bad things inside.
I'm choking on your ignorance like pesticide.
I'm spitting, I'm choking, I'm coughing.
Why do you act like you care?
Never again will you have my trust because I know you'll never be there.
Track Name: Francis
Running out of room, I'm gonna go insane, nothing to do, no place to go, so I think I'll just go crazy with you.
Nothing to do, what can I find, destroy the sights that everyone seems to fucking enjoy..
I can't find it, we're gullible
The only thing: where can I go? and no one's going to take me slow. One day I'm going to explode right in your face so you can see what a disgrace I am.
I'll always be so fearful...feel so frustrated, feel so dead this what they wanted?

I hate my life, I hate my school, I hate adults, I hate their rules.
Is this what they wanted?
I don't think so.
Track Name: What's the Use (Demo Version)
It's time for me to accept defeat.
I try and try but I don't succeed.
What's the use? I'll stop trying.
What's the use? I'll start dying.
I'm giving up on my life.
I won't give in to your lies.
Accept defeat; but I'm not crying.
Accept defeat; no point in trying.
Locked myself in this cage,
and now I want to escape.
I'll stop lying to myself.
Track Name: Black Sheep (Nihilistics Cover)
(Lyrics by Nihilistics)
Track Name: Neutrality
I've lost once again. I can't seem to find my ground.
Every time I fall, I can't seem to rebound.
Competition drives me to fail, so I'd rather just not try than to lose or to prevail, with neutrality my ally and you, my enemy, that shit that you do will never bring the best in me.

If someone's going to push me, why even stand up?
I'd rather just fall down than pretend to get up.
To fall before you push me will be my game plan
I'd rather not get up than to fall by your hand.