Kill Your Friends


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We kicked Ian Naystatt out and our skill level increased twenty-hundredfold. This EP is a result of that, working at McDonald's, college applications, and having a shitty girlfriend.

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released April 20, 2009

All lyrics by Ian O.
All music by Stopping Power.
Recorded 2009 with Matty at Sushifish Recording, San Diego, CA.



all rights reserved


STOPPING POWER Chula Vista, California

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Track Name: Single Serving
You see me, but see right through.
You don't remember me, but I remember you.
I'm that person whom you've turned a blind eye.
An upheaval of guilt crusades to your mind.
Look around, you're not alone,
but your selfishness is stuck inside your bones.
Look at me in the eye.
You're full of shame,
but you still don't remember my name.
You play with things,
you don't know what you're dealing.
It's you who exhumes all all these feelings.
The degradation of my temper for you,
but do not be surprised, it's nothing new.
Forget me, forget my face.
I won't be there when you fall from grace.
Breaking point, burnt down bridge.
An all-out war has been waged.
Track Name: Stainless Steel
Suffering from my blind acts.
Let my greed choose my path.
Stay in line and do my work.
Mind is dead, now corrupt.
No longer human, trained too well.
Constricting ropes bind me to my hell.
No future. No hope. This is it.
I want to quit. I fucking quit.
"Follow the rules, and you'll go far,"
but all I've gained are mental scars.
This place; these people have left me numb.
My teeth are pulled out, one by one.
Depression: a cage of stainless steel,
feeding others off the misery that I feel.
I will find the key.
Freedom's what I lust.
I will not wait for these bars to fucking rust.
Track Name: Pesticide
You tell me to express myself. You tell me to let it out.
So when I do, you're never there.
When I do, you start to shout.
"Life is like a book," they say,
but to you, my life is one blank page.
So I'll just keep these bad things inside.
I'm choking on your ignorance like pesticide.
I'm spitting, I'm choking, I'm coughing.
Why do you act like you care?
Never again will you have my trust because I know you'll never be there.
Separate from you, it's what I want.
Separate from you, I can't take it anymore.
Track Name: Friendshit
Destruction is imminent; compensate for what you have.
A blade stuck in your back. A friendship cut in half.
"I twist and kill with flawed design.
I'll ruin your life with drugs and crime.
Mankind's disease: the corporate kind.
You lust for greed: I've fucked your mind"
Leave them like the rest. Hypocritical demise.
A vicious cycle taking place.
Solidarity you compromised.
"I'll ruin your life and leave you void.
I'll put you in debt and unemployed.
You've reached the end now here's my point:
It's life or death and it's my choice. "
Humanity forgotten; selfishness reprise;
Empathy destroyed; honesty denied.
I twist and kill with flawed design.
I'll ruin your life with drugs and crime.
Friendship is nothing, just a waste of time.
Don't bother me; just let me be.
Track Name: Left for Dead
Track Name: What's the Use
It's time for me to accept defeat.
I try and try but I don't succeed.
What's the use? I'll stop trying.
What's the use? I'll start dying.
I'm giving up on my life.
I won't give in to your lies.
Accept defeat; but I'm not crying.
Accept defeat; no point in trying.
Locked myself in this cage,
and now I want to escape.
I'll stop lying to myself.
Track Name: Success/Failure
You have a future: all your hopes and dreams.
Not acceptable: they rip at the seams.
Success-too much, too fast.
Failure-too late, you're last.
Search high and low to seek relief.
Can't find a way to deal with it.
"I'm fucking hopeless, can't you see?"
Abasing expectations I just can't meet.

Pull my neck from the butcher, I have a fucking future!
Track Name: Kill Your Friends
We've got this far, time to go on,
but you're too lazy to even try.
I feel like I'm the only one.
Do something with your fucking life!
I've got too many worries to give a shit about you.
I try my hardest, but you still don't have a clue.
Watch and laugh, only death
Watch and laugh, take your last breath.

Kill your friends...waste of space.
Kill your don't need them're better off dead.